Truthdemic Who to trust? “The global spread of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is accompanied by the related disinformation – the so-calleD “Infodemic”(1) which makes the population more vulnerable to disease through hindering efforts to prevent and mitigate it (2) “ The first peak in hospital admissions, recorded in March 2020, was anticipated by an explosion of tweets …

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Poisoning of democracy

Poisoning of democracy The Navalny affair: The protests haven’t stopped. In Russia, 40,000 people have descended on Pushkin Square in Moscow, near the government headquarters, in recent weeks, according to estimates by Reuters – the British news agency. In response to demonstrations of this magnitude, law enforcement made more than a thousand arrests and charged …

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Letter to the Rector

Letter to the Rector Thanks This letter comes from simple thoughts which arose from paying attention around us during these past months.  Dear Rector, We are writing this letter to address the months of September and October, two months during which Politecnico kept its campus open to students and granted blended learning, namely, online learning …

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