“Io non riesco a stare mai fermo (…) questa musica che sento dentro suona sempre, non mi lascia
– Sbagliato, Jovanotti
You throw yourselves into things without even thinking about it, as if you were children. The risk is
that behaving this way, it will be the things to have power over you, and not otherwise.


“Vorrei averlo perso quell’attimo in più, per lasciarti andare meglio”.
– Fare mattina, Lo Stato Sociale
Good memories may turn against you, but this has never stopped you from experiencing things.
Every memory that became painful sooner or later returns to being just a good memory to be
thankful for.


“When everything’s made to be broken I just want you to know who I am”.

– Iris, Goo Goo Dolls.

You often see relationships as one big chaos in which, if you open up, you won’t be understood by

others. Do not let this prejudice hinder your desire to make yourself known.


“I’ma tell you what you need to hear, cause the truth would be too much”.
– Need To Know, Macklemore ft Chance the Rapper
Don’t be afraid to be oppressive, there is no place where you will be at peace that is not a place
where you are free, it is okay to do some natural selection.


“Non ho voglia di giocare a guardie e ladri col destino, tanto so già che sei tu”.
– Accattone, Frah Quintale
You think you know for sure what is right for you and what is not. Sometimes, however, you might
find you are wrong. No shock, it might even be a positive surprise.


“Dimmi le cose che voglio sentire così da capire se posso morire per te”.
– Al giusto momento, Fulminacci
You are a sign that doesn’t waste time on trivial things: overcoming shyness and opening up must
be worth it. Just be careful not to foreclose opportunities because of hasty conclusions.


“So I’ve been scheming like a criminal ever since, to make them love me and make it seem
– Mastermind, Taylor Swift
All your life you have been trying to please others by hiding that you put all your strength into it.
You fool almost all of them, but you really care about someone when you wish to expose yourself.


“Maybe I don’t quite know what to say but I’m here in your doorway, I just wanted you to know that
this is me trying”
-This Is Me Trying, Taylor Swift
For you to trust is an immense struggle, all your limitations come out so you find yourself saying,
“I’m a mess but I’m trying.”


“Ho visto un mondo eppure sto cercando ancora dentro me qualcosa che manca”
– Qualcosa Che Manca, Ernia ft Rkomi
Knowing, searching, moving fast for that impression of never finding what one is looking for. What
if it is because one believes that one already knows what needs to be found?


“I don’t feel weak but I do need sometimes for her to protect me and reconnect me to the beauty
that I’m missin’”
– January Wedding, The Avett Brothers
You are better off alone than with random people; you want someone who can make you see
things a little less cynically.


“I was rarely in the moment cuz something ‘bout it always made me scared, but now you’re there”
– July (Later On), Lily Williams
There is something in standing still that suffocates you and does not make you enjoy the present,
until you meet someone who makes you realize that you can still feel free, even though you’re
simply standing.


“Everybody wants something from me, you just want me”
– I Drink Wine, Adele
When someone projects expectations onto you, you find that they are not looking at you for who
you are, and it is not pleasant. But how liberating is it to meet people who want to get to know you

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