Distractions of any kind are prohibited. Only breaks with proven need are exclusively allowed.


From 10pm to 5 am the next day night study is allowed. The CTS recommends matching this measure with the preparation of coffee boilers.


Avoid gatherings, especially if they are not with relatives or fellow students. Offenders will be punished with hefty fines, or worse, CFU subtraction.


To avoid a collapse of your nervous system, do not overload the brain. For this reason it is strongly advised not to study more than 18 hours in a row.


Given all the time available, online classes, nightclubs closure and  the absence of other distracting factors, your voluntary decision to postpone study to the last minute is considered inappropriate.


Limit tensions with cohabitants. Being a demanding personality could be a serious problem if you have to live with other individuals.


Given the rapid upcoming of exams, all non-competitive study activities are interrupted. Be careful though not to neglect social relationships.


Given the bad rising astral condition, article 4 “I won’t study this, it won’t be asked” is ordered to be amended with “I’m going to study even the book’s bibliography”.


To contain this epidemic and any quarrels, social distancing of one meter is recommended, 2m for architects, 10m for designers.


“I’ll do it later” will be banned from language. It is compulsory to replace it with a more realistic “I am finally beginning to study”.


Thanks to an astral conjunction, you may soon find yourself in a yellow region, orange province, and red city. Self-certification is required.


Your region is subject to color changes. Ask fashion designers for help figuring out how to dress based on your current color.

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