Vida porteña

Never disappointed

The last thing I ever expected was to actually manage to leave for Buenos Aires with the Erasmus Programme. I won’t tell you how absurd the sequence of events that led me to the other side of the world has been, but the ones next to me that saw it know that it can be definitely considered a miracle. I arrived there during a hot February, without knowing what to expect and without speaking Spanish, but it has been an incredible adventure that taught me a lot. Having always lived in Milan, this has been my first experience outside of my family house: everybody told me that I would never be alone, that my friends would have always been there for me. The truth is I have been alone, but this is what set me in motion to see if also on the other side of the world there was something for me. In a new place you only have two alternatives: either you stay there and wait for something to happen, or you throw yourself into everything you have to do. Well, of course the first weeks I waited: I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the South American metropolis and I told myself that something would have happened; but, when the charm of the first days finally disappeared,everyday life started to weight upon me. So I started to look for something or someone, I started to throw myself into the things: the results came out since from the beginning and I was really happy. Day by day things started to be enjoyable and true friendships were born, both in the house I lived in and in the university faculty.

Because of this spirit I faced everyday challenges with, it has been a truly intense year, but I have never been disappointed; tired yes, often, but never disappointed. Even today, back home, locked up because of the quarantine, I ask myself the same question and I try to live every day with the same look upon things, because otherwise, if this was true only for the life I had in Buenos Aires, it would be a lie I’ve been telling me only to feel less lonely; and I’ll tell you that now I am rediscovering the company of my family. So I challenge you to this: either you are about to dive into an adventure in another country or you are locked up into your house, throw yourself into everyday life and take a chance on it.

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