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By E. Dotti


Have you ever contacted a student representative because you had a problem and didn’t know how to solve it?

Well, we’re here for that too, but that’s not all!

We would like to share with you the work we have done and what we are still working on so as to make you part of university life and of our life as student reps.


773 study spots that could be added to Politecnico.

In January, some representatives of Lista Aperta mapped all the study spots present on campus by looking at: sockets, tables and chairs, as well as overcrowding. Once the data was collected, we created a report (you can find it in the link of our Instagram bio). As a result of our work, a team with the governance was set up to evaluate all our proposals.


4.3 MLN funds allocated to cover all the  DSU scholarships.

Again this year we asked Politecnico to integrate Regional and State funds so that all those eligible for the DSU would be awarded the scholarship.


9 new microwaves have been added to Leonardo campus.

Some in building 3, the others in building 8. After seeing the long queues to heat up meals with the microwaves, we looked for a quick solution. We went on a tour of Politecnico and we created a document in which we pointed out the possible slots where microwaves could be added. After a few days some were actually added according to the feasibility of our proposals. But don’t worry, if you study at Bovisa campus they will soon come there too!


59 the percentage of votes obtained by Prof. Sciuto in the last elections.

As you may have known, we have a new rector: Donatella Sciuto!

We, students of the Student Council took part in the voting, which was held in early November. Our vote was worth a lot, about 8 times that of a professor. For this reason we have taken part in debates, we met the candidates and discussed among student representatives. We took this opportunity to ask ourselves what is most important to us in university, by working seriously for your needs. 


About 350 students who participated in the Mathematical Analysis 1 study groups.

Again this year, knowing the difficulties that always arise from this first exam, we have organized study groups, in which freshmen can meet older students of their course and they can be helped in their studies.


400k funds allocated for scholarships for Off-Campus students.

In July we suggested to allocate €400,000 for scholarships destined to particularly deserving OFF Campus students to the Permanent Student Commission. This €400,000 will be spread over two years: €200,000 this year and €200,000 next year. In this way it is expected that all students who are eligible for requirements will be able to receive this scholarship!


600k funds that the Ministry (and partially Politecnico) allocates for Student Associations.

These funds allow them to organize activities and trips for all students. This year, these funds were covered thanks to an integration that Politecnico made in order to satisfy all requests. we have organized a Snow Day, a trip to Florence and Lisbon, a paragliding activity, Polipo itself, the Sagra della Matricola and much more. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated on all the events and…we are waiting for you! We can’t wait to meet you.


500 registered for the Sagra della Matricola, which was held on the 18th of October.

Thanks to the call for students’ Cultural and Social activities (see above), we organized a party with games, songs and food with friends. We wanted to meet freshmen and make them feel at home in this place that is home for us. We ate together, played games and then danced to the songs that a student band played for us. Even the Magnificent Rector Resta, came to greet us like every year!


2.0 the new Poli App version

In September, the new version of Politecnico app was released, it is centered on the agenda that the student can have at hand with all his commitments, including lessons, exams and personal appointments.

There are still many features to implement. In October, some representatives attended a meeting to give some feedback on the new app. Among the various things we insisted on loading speed, which in fact has significantly improved, and we suggested all the notes you guys made to us via Instagram.


80 is the maximum number of credits that you can include in your Study Plan. But is it really? And what happens when I exceed 74 credits?

During the month of September, many of you contacted us because you didn’t know how to proceed with your Study Plan or with tuition fees. For this reason, we have shared a guide document and a FAQ document on our website, which collects your most frequent doubts. Further work is being done with our University to simplify the whole procedure and clarify all the rules…stay tuned!


These are just some of the main works we have done and that we are carrying on.

To find out more, follow us on Instagram @poli_listaperta and…


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