The average Aries arrives at the university and discovers that life is hard, that yes, sometimes exams do not pass, and reviews have been created to test their patience. The moment when a professor you have been working with for months proposes you to change every single detail of your project and you, sign of fire, must refrain from telling him what you think of this incredible enlightenment he has had, that moment is a great challenge for you. I would like to tell you that over time you get used to it but those who are in the fifth year would have to complain, so I will just advise you to find at least one group mate more calm and conciliatory than you who can help you in this.



Calmly. The Taurus does everything he has to do but calmly. They observe, analyze, consult and then act. After all, we all have a friend whose grandmother used to say “whoever is in a hurry to live is in a hurry to die”. The Taurus has made this great quote his philosophy of life. They are the calm, thoughtful classmate who, if they find themselves alongside the classic anguished spirit, are able to give him a couple of jokes of the right type to play down. Does it not work? The stars say that you are a sign full of common sense, we advise you to use it to find the right amount of self-preservation instinct that you need to get up and change places, before anxiety (which we know is contagious) reaches you too.


Clint Eastwood, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter: Is that enough to frame the sign? No, it’s just enough to understand that we understand very little about twins. Lunatic, intolerant of the ordinary and independent. Geminis can’t bear to feel stuck in a situation or, even worse, in a conversation: it seems that classic courtesy conversations are the thing they bear less. The scary half-zodiac sign scared of such a thing?

Well yes. In fact it’s not easy, imagine a freshman on his first day of college sitting next to what could become his new best friend, but all that potential is canceled out by the fact that he can’t tolerate those vaguely fake and constructed phrases like ” where do you come from? what high school did you go to? but go, I also have a brother! “. Gemini readers, we advise you to hold on for that brief (hopefully) initial moment of discomfort, the result of your patience may surprise you, and trust me, an extra friend at university is always handy


Drama and productivity: a delusional match. The fact that he manages to despair like Dawson Leery and work as Harvey Specter at the same time demonstrates a certain ability to multitask. All a Cancer needs is a friend who listens to it during a moment of release (which in any case will turn out to be mainly a monologue) in which it lists the pros and cons of that precise moment of its existence, joys, hardships and theories, for then take stock of the situation and save it promptly. The presence of the friend is more scenic than anything else because precisely, although it may not seem so, in the end the cancer gets along great without the need for special external help. Dear cancer friends, remember to sleep and be patient with yourself (but not too much)



The friend who after a bad grade is absent for a couple of days, from university, from WhatsApp, from life. 

You can find him in his room to elaborate the defeat given by that cursed 29 that “I’m fine, don’t worry” but not good at all, because “what would cost to give me 30”. Could he ever admit that his ego got hurt so easily? 

Obviously not, what from weak. Polipo is here to tell you that keeping us is not weak, as taking a 29 is not. 

Surround yourself with people with whom you feel free to do a little undertone, without the worry of having to appear indestructible. And in any case have 29 of them.


Virgos are silent perfectionists: they are not the super organized and distressed classics recognizable at first glance, they work silently in a very precise but calm way. In general, at first glance virgins show very little of what they really are, in fact at first they might seem a bit cold, almost shy, but when they open up you will find that they have a big heart and no fur on the tongue, almost more out of naivety than anything else. When they are really in confidence, in fact, they say what they think preferring sincerity over anything else, as if being honest were the greatest favor they can do, completely ignoring banalities such as tact and delicacy. It is not bad, it is just a lack of awareness. The exercise we recommend is to put yourself in the shoes of the person you are talking to: are you going to express displeasure and encouragement, or are you about to tell him that if he continues like this he will never make it to pass that analysis 2 exam? Make your choice.


Libras are so cute, right? Well yes, also … the scales are those who, while smoking a cigarette waiting to enter the university, judge the outfits of anyone who passes in front of them with the coldness and precision of Miranda Priestly in The devil wears Prada, and no, we’re not just talking about designers. No matter what campus you are on, it may be populated by architects or aerospace engineers, but there will always be a scale that can’t handle the mess caused by a poorly thought-out outfit. After all, the aesthetic sense is a great characteristic of the sign, the precision in the words they choose to use too, but our advice for them is to take it easy because sooner or later it happens to all scales to find someone who will answer them in kind, and it is no state secret that they are as precise as they are touchy. Then don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.


The mantra of the scorpion is “give me space but also attention”: the scorpio must not be on. But not too far. Here, but a little further on, come on. But remember me every now and then or else I get hurt. In short, it is a difficult balance, it is true, but let’s say that there are basic errors that can be avoided, such as asking him five times a day how they are, how is the study going, when they graduate. The good news is that they have great acting skills, so they will be able to pretend that they are okay with being battered by your questions. Here, except for a few sarcastic jokes here and there to express more or less covertly the annoyance felt, they can’t resist. After all, the poison has to come out somewhere. Our advice for Scorpios is to give up their acting careers when possible, pretend a little less that the conversations they are having are good for them, so as not to explode later, once they reach the limit of tolerance.


Taylor Swift once said “I don’t think you should ever apologize for your excitement. […] The worst kind of person is someone who makes you feel stupid for being excited about something ”, and yes: Taylor Swift is Sagittarius. The sagittarius is in fact the classic project partner who up to an hour before delivery she says “but we could have done this” (which is often infeasible) letting herself be enthused by ten different ideas. And being disassembled is the thing that suffers the most, as much as I am used to it. In fact, he does not do it to bring others to a nervous breakdown, but simply because he realizes that he has an infinity of incredible options. And it is true, it is not nice for someone to dismiss this enthusiasm, but help yourself to help us: to preserve the sanity of others, dear Sagittarius friends, we advise you to set yourself a deadline within which you are no longer allowed to change your mind, so, in general as a life workout.


The definition of Capricorn is roughly equivalent to the definition of Chuck Bass or Thomas Shelby: 

war machines that don’t look anyone in the face, until they decide it’s worth it and then give heart and soul which nobody thought had) to a specific person. But we are not here to talk about love, but about work, and this is the perfect sign to do it. Capricorns are the quintessential workaholic of the zodiac. Ever heard of Timothée Chalamet? Well yeah, because he’ll be cast in pretty much any movie between now and 2023. This is Capricorn: silent, fake low-key, hard-working. Perfect for the Politecnico, we advise him to remember that every now and then he can take a break and have a laugh with friends, without his academic career and pride going to ruin for these five minutes of lightheartedness.


Another sign whichneeds its space. Aquariums are a kind of Nick Miller: objectively anyone who has ever seen New Girl loves Nick Miller because in his own way he is quirky, generous and funny, but every now and then he withdraws into himself, takes a break from the world to recharge the batteries and return only when he’s at the top. Therefore, it is not surprising or offended if your aquarium friend occasionally breaks down a few afternoons of study. Or study morning. Or lesson. Or whatever, that’s it. But to you aquarium readers we remind you that the Polytechnic is beautiful but it has the fatigue of him, so you probably won’t always be exactly full and in a perfect mood, but no one asks you to be. There is no need to shut down and disappear every time you lack a little energy, sometimes it is the friends who help you recharge. And then Nick Miller gave us the most epic moments just when he was in a bad mood.


Fish are a living contradiction. They like to dream but all they do is get back down to earth on their own. 

They are generous and very good, but not stupid, and if they are treated as such they suddenly become selfish. 

They need to be heard in all their mood swings ranging from being absolutely enthusiastic to being melodramatic 

(“How nice we’re starting college! Oh no,I will never pass these exams. Someday I will have mine. Architecture studio !! I can’t take this exam. It takes 30. I will never graduate. This topic is really nice, isn’t it? “). 

Generally they really want you to ask them what’s wrong, but then maybe they won’t answer you. And this, dear fish, makes those who try to follow your ups and downs lose a little patience. Our advice for you is therefore not to be too angry if someone bursts out and is a bit more abrupt than expected with you, because generally they just want to help you get out of your stream of consciousness.

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