This time Polipo is online and it’s back to keep us company in a very peculiar historic time. In these long, slow months of quarantine, during which we have experienced strong conditions of personal restriction, it has been necessary to take action and to work in order to understand and ensure that this time wouldn’t go to waste. These articles deal with topics that differ greatly from one another, however they try to convey what the authors felt necessary to rediscover during this time. Stripped of the infinite possibilities to make us happy independently, the only solution has been to “rediscover the tangibility of small things” (“A presence that fills the void”, Giovanni, Ester, Pietro). Gestures, looks, attentions for which, before, the haste of everyday-life often didn’t allow us to see their importance. Paolo writes in his article: “Andy’s greatness lies in the simplicity with which he’s attached to life, let’s say, even in love with life.” (“The wings of freedom”, Paolo Ferioli). Greatness lies in simplicity, it lies in being attached to what’s happening without any claim to label it superficially as right or wrong, nice or nasty, good or bad, it lies in living. What may seem like a banality is not one at all. For this reason, we encourage you to read the articles published here, wishing you to find something moving for you in the true sense of the word. Enjoy your reading.