Dear readers, with the end of this very intense year we wished to offer you a few insights. As our beloved senator Matteo Oggioni would say “ All’s well that ends well”. However, let’s have a look at what is actually ending: TWENTY-TWENTY
Two words, many events:

  • Terrorist attacks in many european cities
  • Trump refusing to let go of his presidency
  • Ferrucio Resta leaving college open during the red zone.
  • An unknown virus decides to move from animals to humans
    resulting in the largest pandemic seen in history.

It is indeed ending. Good. However, has it only been a challenging year filled with painful sacrifices? We are convinced there has been something beautiful to see and this is our “ironic attempt” to show it. Different hands were moved thanks to a common desire for freedom. These hands wrote this edition following provocations given by circumstances inevitable changes: as our home walls seem suffocating […] that void emerges (Ye abide free, Pierluigi) urging us to wonder: “What is in that whirl / of life insides its fences?” (Essere rondine, Mario Luzi). We therefore invite you to read these articles with sincere curiosity, so that what is written here doesn’t remain in these lines but that it may guide you in looking back at this year with sympathy.
Enjoy your reading!