December 2018

N.2 Year XII


Every time we begin something we want to be sure to have all under contro!. Taking action ourselves, really being the only responsibles of what we do, allow us to be calm and to be certain. But in each situation we are forced to rely on other people in some small way: we cannot do all the work in a group project, we have to follow someone else's instructions to do something we are not able to. More likely than it seems, without even thinking, we make actions that require trust: something spontaneous and almost natural. Imagine you have to take a plane: you get on the plane, put your luggage in the boxes and sit at your place. From the cabine a voice says that the plane is about to take off. You don't know the pilot, you never seen him before, how could you be sure that he can do everything right? You suppose that the pilot is able to do his work, because he is there because he had been selected, there is no need to concern. Without any thought you are trusting the pilot, or the society that hires him, or the institution that trained him: you are forced to trust something or someone. The core is just this:the society in which we live, sometimes complex and in some ways selfish, is built and developed thanks to the fact that people trust each other. During the drawing up of this number, we wondered about something simple but basic: how much trust is worth in what we do? Following this question, we tried to go deep within many issues that recently questioned us: Genova'sbridge collapse, the students we meet daily in university, until finance and bitcoins. This represents a deep and dramatic question that cannot be satisfied by a trivial answer. Itrequires a complete willingness to let us be surprised by what happens. We hope that these pages will be the opportunity to gain this simplicity, making possible to recognise and to welcome that amount of trust that silently moves everything. Enjoy the reading!

Polipo's team